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The VIP Premium Lounge from APEX

The VIP Premium Lounge represents the top-of-the-range slot machine from APEX gaming. Therefore, VIP gaming and Premium gaming players need to look no further than the VIP Premium Lounge.

This exquisite slot machine from the Pinnacle family is the perfect solution for players who are looking for something extra.

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  • The size and position of the curved monitor have been purposely chosen so as to capture the player’s complete attention
  • 43” curved screen portrays the great array of EVO games
  • The gaming terminal includes all the technology required for a perfect gaming experience, including a 24” touchscreen monitor
  • A meticulously designed and elegant chair rounds off the VIP Premium Lounge
  • First-rate comfort with play buttons and sound speakers ensure the player is truly treated as a VIP.
  • Players can lean back and enjoy playing on the extra-large wide-screen monitor
  • GLI/BMM testlabs certified

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