Our upright and slant top gaming machines offer the best of gaming /

The Pinnacle series from APEX

The Pinnacle series is the result of detailed market research and product development. Exquisite design attracts players. Technological innovation allows the Pinnacle to hold the player’s interest.

The flexible, modular design allows for all market requirements to be fulfilled. Ticket printers, card readers – all such components can be freely configured.

Exquisite design and technological innovation attract players /


  • Modern and long lasting design
  • Produced with high technological quality
  • The vacuum air pressure within the Pinnacle ensures that the air stays fresh and clear
  • High quality coating and chroming
  • Compact, optimized shape with slender profile that offers excellent space efficiency on the floor
  • Two high resolution panorama LCD touch monitors with side LEDs
  • Increase picture quality for a better gaming experience
  • Comfortable, fully ergonomic player interaction area
  • Customizable range of accessories from leading manufacturers in the industry
  • High security against forced entry and tampering
  • Easy to access internal design
  • Easy maintenance
  • GLI/BMM testlabs certified

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