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The Jackpot series from APEX

Introducing the Pinnacle Premium Curved Jackpot and the Pinnacle Premium SL Jackpot. Both are complete jackpot solutions. All linked slots can participate in the chance to win the jackpot.

The amazing and innovative design makes the most out of the jackpot feature – with the upper display interacting to create a memorable jackpot experience.

For the Pinnacle Premium SL Jackpot the side displays are interactive as well.

An amazing and innovative design /


  • Complete jackpot island solution
  • Consisting of 8 Pinnacle premium SL slots
  • 2 banks with four slots either side
  • Each slot has 3 x 27” screens
  • Fantastic side and top lighting
  • Incredible sound experience
  • Brilliant and interactive jackpot concept
  • Dragon flies over all three screens and top displays
  • Dragon lands eggs on one of four jackpot levels
  • Game is portrayed over all slot screens
  • Graphics linked with side and top displays
  • Initially designed for dragon egg game
  • Available for further EVO games

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