The perfect cash and ticket handling solution for live gaming tables /

The bill acceptor iDROPe from APEX.

The brand new iDROPe adds a great new service for drop management at gaming tables. It combines security, speed and flexibility.

Notes and tickets can be entered in a bulk of up to 50 at a time. The iDROPe does the rest automatically, securely validating and storing each individual note or ticket. An integrated ticket printer completes the iDROPe.

Tickets are now brought to table games. Players can even choose to exchange a certain amount of tickets for chips, with the remainder to be paid out in tickets.

The iDROPe combines security,
speed and flexibility /


  • Greatly speeds up drop handling at the table
  • The exact drop sum is available any time
  • Connects to your existing SAS accounting system
  • Integrated touchscreen with self-explanatory menu
  • Ticket IN / Ticket OUT
  • Unites the same cash handling in slots now with table games
  • Thus brings tickets to table games. Players can even choose a part amount from ticket to exchange into chips. Remainder is paid out by ticket
  • The risk of counterfeit money is practically eliminated, thanks to the use of top quality bill acceptors
  • Manipulation in the counting room is impossible
  • The iDROPe from APEX: the intelligent, secure way to handle cash or tickets on your livegame tables
  • Cash box capacity 2000 bills or tickets
  • Player card reader ready
  • GLI/BMM testlabs certified

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